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Josh talking about how his new car kept breaking down.

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Josh Hutcherson Fanfiction: Chapter One: Lucy May


"Aghhhhh" I complain into my pillow as I furiously slam down on my overly peppy alarm.

"It should be illegal to get up this early" I murmur, still half asleep. I let out another groan and drag myself out of bed. Clearly, I’m not a morning person. At all. 

"Nice hair, Luce" my sister says as I trudge into the kitchen. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and trust me, it’s not a pretty sight.

"Shut up, twerp" I mutter as I glare at her from across the table, "Don’t you have a bus to catch?"

"CRAP! Is it 7:15 already?!" Kelli cries, glancing at the clock. "I’m gonna be late! Ugh. See ya later" she grins, grabbing the bagel from my hands and running out the door.

"HEY! It took me a lot of effort to toast that!" I scream after her, but it’s no use. She’s already halfway down the street by the time I reach the porch.

I shiver. I hadn’t realized how cold it was outside until then. “I guess my pajamas aren’t the cure for everything,” I sigh as I walk back inside. This time I walk up to the mirror and stare. 

"Oh, attractive" I mumble to myself. My long blonde hair is a frizzy mess around my head, matted together in the back from the amount of tossing and turning I do in my sleep. Last night’s makeup is smeared under my blue eyes, giving me the raccoon-chic look that I don’t think will ever be in style again. At least I hope not.

Walking back into the kitchen, I make myself another bagel and make a mental note to steal some sort of food from Kelli later. I plop myself down on the couch and turn on some cartoons.

"I swear" my mom says, walking into the room. "You’re just as much of a child as Kelli. Why don’t you get a job sometime? You know, work? That thing that some people do to put food on their table?" My mom jeers at me while checking her lipstick and hair. 

"Nah I’m okay, that’s what I have you for." I wink at my mom who had turned to argue with me, realizing that I’m kidding. "Oh, Lucy. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do with you." She says, eyeing me dissaprovingly. I roll my eyes. 

"How about you go to work now, and I’ll think about getting a job later." I say, popping a piece of cereal in my mouth as she sighs for the second time.

"Lucy, you’re 18. When are you going to start taking life seriously?"

When I’m dead, I think silently. “It’s not going to just be handed to you forever.” She says, clearly exasperated. ”Lucy May are you even listening to me?!” She exclaims annoyedly.

"Uhm..yeah. Of course. Job. Work. Seriousness. Gotcha." I ramble as I stare blankly at the T.V. My mom clearly has given up by now, walking over to give me a hug goodbye. "I’ll call you after lunch, okay?" She asks as she walks out the door.

"Yeah mom. You’ve called me everyday after lunch since I was 12. I think I know by now" I reply, still staring at the T.V. "Damn, Dexter’s Lab is a good show" I think to myself, writing a note on my hand to Netflix it later.

"Well, I guess I better get ready." I say to no one in particular, getting up from the couch and heading upstairs. I walk into my room and glance around, it’s a total mess. "I really should clean this." I say, knowing that I won’t get to it for at least another week…or two. 

See, I’m the kind of person who you would NOT want to work for you. I’m lazy, unorganized, and moody. But who isn’t nowadays? I wander aimlessly around my room, picking up random clothes and tossing them on my bed or in my hamper. I glance at my reflection in the full length mirror. I’m about 5’5, skinny and fair skinned. My face is unfortunately covered in a light layer of freckles that I try, to no avail, to cover with makeup every day. I look at the clock, it’s only 8:45. “Ugh.” I groan aloud. “Why must I have the worst hair gene?” I ask as I brush out my hair. My hair is naturally wavy, but not in the good Miley Cyrus way. It more closely resembles a poodle most of the time. Needless to say, I hate it.

I throw on a pair of jeans and a cute tee-shirt, and bounce to the desk to do my makeup. I put on some Mayday Parade and sigh.

"This is going to be one hell of a day."

Be ready to be attacked with fanfic later.

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